Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Me, Citizen of Kings Republic

Me, honored citizen,
 In the state of generous kings
Gods of justice and Utopians
 Were beaming, at our freedom.

Few days back, some ungrateful men
For their sin, kings men
Left dozens dead, hundreds wounded
You are free, Oh ungrateful men
 To think the way, generous kings, desires:
Say anything, as if republic whole, is Hide Park
Less anything, which, Kings may not like
For the likes of kings, be careful
Because the kings of republic
Are Just, more than, hundred.

Tell that weeping, little girl
Who lost her mother?
Sinner protesting mom, got bullet in her neck
There exist a nexus (in second decade of 21st century)
Kings of republic and gods of justice, in the west
So, the little one
Must cut your sobs
Me, the aging man
Learnt, in my childhood
The white man is under, burden
Besides, this new nexus
Oh please, little child
Your tears, ripping my heart
Come and bury your head
In my heart
Muffle your sobs
Your cries may disgrace, likes of any king
You remember their numbers.

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