Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Me, Citizen of Kings Republic

Me, honored citizen,
 In the state of generous kings
Gods of justice and Utopians
 Were beaming, at our freedom.

Few days back, some ungrateful men
For their sin, kings men
Left dozens dead, hundreds wounded
You are free, Oh ungrateful men
 To think the way, generous kings, desires:
Say anything, as if republic whole, is Hide Park
Less anything, which, Kings may not like
For the likes of kings, be careful
Because the kings of republic
Are Just, more than, hundred.

Tell that weeping, little girl
Who lost her mother?
Sinner protesting mom, got bullet in her neck
There exist a nexus (in second decade of 21st century)
Kings of republic and gods of justice, in the west
So, the little one
Must cut your sobs
Me, the aging man
Learnt, in my childhood
The white man is under, burden
Besides, this new nexus
Oh please, little child
Your tears, ripping my heart
Come and bury your head
In my heart
Muffle your sobs
Your cries may disgrace, likes of any king
You remember their numbers.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Royal Debating Club

First day of the Pakistani Parliament joint session has restituted the Royal French Lethe, “Then let them eat pastry”. Because, the royals debating today, can never imagine the plight of a common man. The common man whose 80 percent monthly income is going in monthly electricity bill. The royals are frustrated by the somber look of a common man, on their much trumpeted economic recovery. This is the battle of have and have-nots. The royals want the have-nots to reduce another meal a day, because the mere glare of the new metro bus can fill their belly.  The have-nots must recognize the divine right of royals to experiment versatile fuels for power generation projects.  The royals rightly perceive the have-nots behavior being ungrateful. Recently billions have been spent on cheaper bread scheme. So the have-nots must not feel hungry again at least during the kingship of gods. The royals have graciously planned the employment opportunities for the have-nots. Their next generations will have the without collar labor employment for the long transportation of the coal. The royals are generously planning to make this country a republic. Therefore the junior gods are being trained under harsh environments. Junior gods are managing billions without qualification and exercising powers of senior gods.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Attack on Church in Mardan, An Act of Shame

The incident of burning the church in Mardan leaves no excuse for the state and this nation. The respect and security of places of worship is guaranteed. My simple question is to the self proclaimed Ashiqan e Rasool do they understand what Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) would have said on this type of incident. Do we have any principle or we want to go in the history as a double standard nation ?  

Monday, September 17, 2012

Newborn Loses Faith In Humanity After Record 6 Days

SCHAUMBURG, IL—In a turn of events that has stunned the worldwide medical community, local infant Nathan Jameson, born just six days ago, has become the youngest person ever to permanently and irrevocably lose all faith in humanity.
“This shatters all previous records,” University of Chicago psychologist Douglas McAllister said Monday. “In all of documented medical history, there is no case of a newborn taking less than four months to develop the mental faculties required to grasp the full extent of this existential nightmare we call life on earth.”

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Attempted murder gets 86 years and double murder gets.......

Dr Afia gets 86 years for attempting murder. For double murder Raymond Davis walk away scratch free. Should we term it an American justice and Pakistani justice? We are not questioning the creditability of witnesses from American Base in Afghanistan till the American court. The proponents of freedom and democracy will shout these slogans in our face and walk in Libya. Sometimes the world seems to be so funny a place. Isn't it? Sometimes I seriously think about the intellect of common people in west, that they really have an ability to think and question? With so different justice standards, should we have one International Court of Justice? President Obama has damaged his stature for the statement he initially gave for the CIA contractor, because the things were finally settled on reported Blood Money. What was in fact, so compelling for the American President?  

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tan Zhuo ask Is the richness allowed to plunder anywhere?

When the nemesis will be met?
Tan Zhuo, 25, was killed by a speeding Mitsubishi sports car in a downtown Hangzhou crosswalk in May. A forensic report by motor vehicle experts showed the car was traveling between 84 km and 101 km per hour when the accident happened. The driver of the car, 20-year-old college student Hu Bin even joked after cracking the Tan Zhou to death. Hu received a three-year jail sentence in July. Tan's parents got 1.13 million yuan ($164,800) compensation for his death, mental suffering and other fees
The Xihu district court in Hangzhou recently announced that it was indeed Hu Bin who appeared as defendant and was sentenced for running over pedestrian Tan Zhuo while speeding in car. But the victim's father said the announcement was "meaningless" because the court hadn't provided ample evidence to prove the identity of the person. Hu Bin has a powerful family background, and could have got someone to replace him and serve the sentence in exchange for money.

Monday, December 27, 2010


Iranian nukes are real threat to the world peace or just a slogan like Bush and Tony Blair's Weapon of Mass destruction.

Life Safety

The owner of the wikileaks has shown concern for his life in America. Julian Aassange should be given fair trial and that is the bottom line.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Julian Assange has kept 100,000 documents at a secret place, for his safety, what about the safety of people who are exposed now?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

UK cut in NHS and UNISON response

Cut in British NHS has triggerred an unrest among the workers. UNISON has vowed to fight. Please listen to workers plight