Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Attempted murder gets 86 years and double murder gets.......

Dr Afia gets 86 years for attempting murder. For double murder Raymond Davis walk away scratch free. Should we term it an American justice and Pakistani justice? We are not questioning the creditability of witnesses from American Base in Afghanistan till the American court. The proponents of freedom and democracy will shout these slogans in our face and walk in Libya. Sometimes the world seems to be so funny a place. Isn't it? Sometimes I seriously think about the intellect of common people in west, that they really have an ability to think and question? With so different justice standards, should we have one International Court of Justice? President Obama has damaged his stature for the statement he initially gave for the CIA contractor, because the things were finally settled on reported Blood Money. What was in fact, so compelling for the American President?  

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tan Zhuo ask Is the richness allowed to plunder anywhere?

When the nemesis will be met?
Tan Zhuo, 25, was killed by a speeding Mitsubishi sports car in a downtown Hangzhou crosswalk in May. A forensic report by motor vehicle experts showed the car was traveling between 84 km and 101 km per hour when the accident happened. The driver of the car, 20-year-old college student Hu Bin even joked after cracking the Tan Zhou to death. Hu received a three-year jail sentence in July. Tan's parents got 1.13 million yuan ($164,800) compensation for his death, mental suffering and other fees
The Xihu district court in Hangzhou recently announced that it was indeed Hu Bin who appeared as defendant and was sentenced for running over pedestrian Tan Zhuo while speeding in car. But the victim's father said the announcement was "meaningless" because the court hadn't provided ample evidence to prove the identity of the person. Hu Bin has a powerful family background, and could have got someone to replace him and serve the sentence in exchange for money.